Sandblasting is not a good choice for many materials – but  — If you are looking for an excellent engraving job on glass, sandblasting is our recommendation.


Laser engraving will do a good job on glass but sandblasting will do it better!  Here are a few comparisons.


The image on sand blasted glass shows up better than laser engraved glass.  Laser engraving does a poor job on Crystal glass and Pyrex – sandblasting is recommended.


The image on sandblasted glass is “friendly” to touch.  Laser engraved glass often has a bit of a “tooth” to it which you can feel catching on your skin when you rub your hand over it.  The improved surface of a sand blasted surface is even more noticeable when the engraved object is a glass or goblet which will come in contact with a person’s face or lips!


Sandblasting can be used for tile, brick and stone as well but glass is where it really shines!